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About Us

HQube offers innovative, safe and effective UV-C Sanitizer products to help you and your family stay healthy and well. Some of our daily items, such as mobile phones or remote controls harbor more germs and bacteria than the toilet, yet we rarely think to clean them. Additionally, you can’t simply spray a toxic disinfectant on expensive electronics or your baby’s toys.  HQube UV-C Sterilizer is here to help remove germs and bacteria in a fast, easy and safe way. 

UV-C light has been used for over a century for sanitizing laboratory equipment, hospital equipment and even as a back up for disinfecting drinking water.  HQube brings this highly effective technology to home use.  Available in spacious, collapsible design and sized large enough for anything from tablets and remote controls to shoes or delivery parcels.

We hope you will be able to relax at home knowing you are not accidentally spreading and getting in contact with germs or bacteria.

Please note HQube is not intended for medical use.