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Portable UV-C Sanitizer For Your Personal Items


Portable UV-C Sanitizer for Your Daily Items

Safely removes germs, bacteria and viruses without the use of chemicals.

Use on your daily personal items such as tablets and phones.
Works in just three minutes.
HQube UV-C Sterilizer
HQube uses highly effective UV-C technology which removes germs without chemicals. UV-C light is a short-wavelength, ultraviolet light that breaks apart germ DNA, leaving it unable to function or reproduce. HQube is ideal for making sure your daily items are clean and ready to use.
Fast Acting
HQube sterilizes your personal items in just 3 minutes
Portable Design
HQube has a clever, foldable design that makes it easy to bring with you. Sanitize anywhere!
HQube won't operate until it forms a complete seal of all light inside the cube. If opened prematurely, the cube will switch off
Clinically Proven Results
HQube uses UV-C light , known for its effectiveness against pathogens. Independent tests verify HQube destroys bacteria, germs and viruses in just three minutes.

How to Use Hqube

Step 1

Connect HQube UV-C Sanitizer to USB powersource

Step 2

Place your items inside Hqube and close zip

Step 3

Turn on by pressing power button

Step 4

Allow sanitizing cycle to complete and enjoy

Next Level Clean
Uses unrivalled UV-C technology to remove unwanted germs, bacteria and viruses without any chemicals
Functional Design
Collapsible design with handles makes HQube easy to use at home, while traveling or in the office. Sanitize Anywhere!
30 Day Returns
If you're not happy with HQube for any reason, feel free to return it within 30 days for a full refund.